July 2011 Project Awards

Engagement Skills Training Facility Hunter Army Airfield

Fort Stewart, Georgia

5,500 SF
Contract Value:  $608,000
Owner:  Directorate of Contracting Ft. Stewart, Georgia
Architect:  Fort Stewart

The primary structure for the 5,500 SF training facility will be a metal building system with standing seam roof, metal siding, trim and gutters.  The interior will be a combination of exposed building insulation, gypsum board and paint partitions.  The construction includes plumbing, fire protection, mechanical and electrical systems.

The facility will serve as a training center (both virtual and actual) for the High Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE), the world’s fastest backhoe loader.  The HHEE, created by JCB Construction Equipment, is specifically built for the U. S. Military and travels up to 60 mph on paved roads and cross-country surfaces.  The HMEE is used for a wide range of mobility, counter-mobility, survivability and general engineering missions.  It can perform excavation tasks and then quickly self-deploy to the next mission site.  Equipped with computer diagnostics, the armored version weighs 17.55 tons and is capable of lifting 2.2 tons and digging 13 feet deep.

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