April 2011 Project Awards

Carrie J. Mays Park Methane Remediation Plans and Park Improvements

11 acre site

Owner: City of Augusta

Engineer: Atlantic City Consulting

Dabbs-Williams has been awarded a Contract with the City of Augusta for the Carrie J. Mays Park Methane Remediation Project.

The 11 acre site was originally utilized for many years as a local landfill and it was closed, capped with clean fill materials and the site was then converted into a neighborhood park.  Several years later it was discovered that methane gas was emanating from the landfill debris and escaping through the park surface.

The Carrie J. Mays project will consist of demolition and removal of all existing structures, as well as the removal of unsuitable contaminated soils placed years ago, installing an intricate methane gas collection system and extraction wells allowing the methane to be safely vented.   The site will then be filled with suitable clean fill materials to its original elevation.  All disturbed infrastructure will be replaced along with all athletic and playground equipment.

The project will conclude with the establishment of all lawns and landscaping, resulting in a complete restoration of a neighborhood park facility.