March 2011 Project Awards

Critical Work Force Shelter and Multi-Use Facility

Savannah, Georgia

32,000 SF

Contract Value: $5,590,000

Owner: City of Savannah

Architect: Lominack Kolman Smith Architects

This 32,000 SF building will serve as a shelter and operational facility for Critical Work Force employees for the City of Savannah during emergency events. Additionally, it will serve as a multi-use facility for meetings and training purposes during non-emergency events, and can serve as a relief shelter when needed by nearby communities.

The focus of this project was to provide the most flexibility within the rigid structural and architectural guidelines of FEMA 361: Design and Construction Guidance for Community Shelters. The building has an extensive concrete wall and roof system with impact resistant glass. Approximately 2,500 cubic yards of concrete will be utilized to construct walls 8 to 12 inches thick. When complete, this one-of-a-kind shelter will be the only building in the Savannah, Chatham County Area constructed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane.

This single-story facility provides essential sleeping, dining and bathing facilities for up to 500 people. The building also houses Quartermaster and Decontamination facilities that will be used by the City of Savannah’s Water and Sewer Division during a catastrophic event. The design provides permanent office space for the administrative offices of the Critical Work Force. Emergency office areas have also been allocated for the City of Savannah’s administrative offices in order to keep essential City operations in tact during an emergency event such as a hurricane.